Sophie recently sold the shop premises of Concrete Blonde in Mount Pleasant. She is due to have her first child in November-December 2019 and decided to downsize to a home salon.

The home salon is located in Como and is equipped to perform all cutting, colouring and makeup services.




Sophie completed her apprenticeship under the guidance of renowned Ernest Grady in Perth. She then traveled to Melbourne to work for Biba, under Australia's 5 time hairdresser of the year Frank Apostolopolous. She found that her passions lay with cutting and styling hair. After completing numerous advanced cutting courses within Australia, Sophie flew to London to train at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy.


Sophie has won over 30 industry awards and has done hair and makeup for numerous photoshoot's, film and theatre productions and dance and music videos. Sophie has done hair for runway and editorial in two Perth Fashion Week's, as well as directing hair and makeup for a show in Melbourne Fashion Week. She has been published in various magazines for her art, hair and makeup, recently landing the cover of a Sydney Lifestyle magazine.


Sophie has always dreamt of oneday owning her own salon. Now in her 30's, she is so excited to have moved home to Perth and be making her dreams a reality.


Sophie welcomes you to come visit her in como soon!