Price List

Prices are a guide only and subject to change depending on product volume and time required.


Consultation                                        Complimentary

Ladies Trim and Style                           $60

Ladies Trim and Style (Thick or Long)  $70

Precision Ladies Cut and Style             $80

Restyle Cut and Style                             $80

Fringe Trim                                           $10

Fringe Create                                      $15

Men’s Style Cut & Barber                   $50

Men’s Style Cut                                  $35

Girls to 12                                            $30

Girls to 15                                            $40

Boys Under 12                                     $25

Boys to 15                                            $30

Additional Time                                    $20


Short Blowdry                                     $25

Medium Blowdry                                 $40

Long Blowdry                                      $50

Hot tool Styling                                   $30

Hot tool Set                                          $50

Additional Time                                 $20


BHAVE Keratin Smoothing Treatment             $450

Conditioning Treatment Mask                          $20


Natural Makeup                                                       $80

Special Occasions Makeup with Lashes             $100

Special Occasions Makeup NO Lashes               $80

Creative - SFX Makeup                                          From $110


Root Regrowth                                          $60

T-Bar                                                            $30

Roots and Ends (Short)                           $70

Roots and Ends (Medium)                     $85

Roots and Ends (Thick or Long)            $100

Short Semi                                                $50     

Medium Semi                                          $65     

Long Semi                                                 $80

Men’s Global                                            $40

Additional Time                                       $20


Short Toner                                               $10

Medium Toner                                           $20

Long Toner                                                $30

Fashion Toner                                            $40


¼ Head Foils (Fine)                                       $60

¼ Head Foils (Medium)                               $75

¼ Head Foils (Thick)                                   $90 

½ Head Foils (Fine)                                    $100

½ Head Foils (Medium)                               $115

½ Head (Thick)                                             $130

Full Head Foils (Virgin)                              $210

Full Head Foils (Regrowth)                         $170

Full Head Foils (Regrowth Plus)                $200

Additional Product                                    $20


½ Head Balayage                                       $130

Full Head Balayage                                   $210

Policies and Procedures

No Refunds or Exchanges for change of mind. 

All reasonable care and skill is taken to perform each service.

Booking is essential - Cancellations must be made with 48 hours notice otherwise half of service total cost will be charged.

Please try to be decisive when you are booking an appointment - if you are unsure what you would like to have done to your hair and wish for us to be creative - please plan to book in one of our quiet times - Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning.

Unfortunately we are unable to perform 'Colour Corrections' on Saturdays.

Appointments are time allocated, if you are late we will do all that we can to fit your service into the time left available within your booked appointment. If we need more time to perform your service - it will have to fit in around our other clients.

Children and Babies are more then welcome to come into the salon!! We absolutely adore kids! Please bring some food and games in for them to play with while they are here.