Welcoming - Beneath the Skin Injectables!!

We are so excited to be welcoming Megan Eldridge from Beneath the Skin Injectables!!

Megan will be joining us for an open house on Tuesday 30th of October at 6pm!

Megan is a highly experienced Cosmetic injector. She is a Registered Aesthetic Nurse injector with over 7 years experience. While working with some of Melbourne's best cosmetic surgeons, Megan developed a strong passion for enhancing peoples appearances. Making them feel more beautiful, confident and comfortable within their own skin!

Megan created Beneath the Skin Injectables to provide a Boutique Cosmetic injector service. Megan uses premium product, applies experienced techniques and is partnered with three of Melbourne's leading Cosmetic Surgeons. All procedures are carried out to the highest standards of health and safety.

Join us at the salon on the 30th to meet Megan and talk about your potential cosmetic journey!

We cant wait to see you at 6pm, Tuesday 30th October!!

xxxx CB

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