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Avani extensions are beautiful quality extensions which are custom made to suit your colour and hair density needs.
The hair is 100% Human high grade Remy with an intact cuticle. Avani is available in Tapes, weft micro-link weave and weft clip ins.
Extension appointments require a thorough initial appointment with one of our specialists - so that we may prescribe the most suitable technique for your hair density, required style and head shape/size.
A water-soluble pomade that is made to 'Hold like a Wax, wash out like a Gel'!


- Vital Nurtition                      - Absolute Volume               - Derma Active

- Color Brillianz                    - Satin Oil                              - Derma Exfoliate

- Silver Savior                       - Keratin Smooth                 - Derma Regulate

- Curl Control                                    - Sun Shield                          - Tinta Color

The Care range nourishes the hair and helps to balance the natural function of the scalp with the 5 key essential minerals; Zinc, Copper, Silicium, Iron and Magnesium. Care is Color safe and leaves the hair silky, smooth and easy to manage.



- Essential Care                  - Gloss                                   - Texture

- Repair                                 - Volume                                - Fix

- Color Care                          - Sleek                                   - Essential Styling

The Design range offers a complete professional and home care styling system, helping you create any style that protects and strengthens the hair from the inside out. Design also protects the hair from UV rays, free radicals and heat damage.


- Cooling                               - Calming                              - Recover

- Energizing                          - Color Care                          - Styling

- Moisturizing                        - Exfoiliating                         - Moroccan Argan Oil

- So Pure Color                               

The So Pure range is developed with 100% pure plant essential therapy. The plant extracts and essential oils are grown and harvested using biological agriculture that sustains the health of our eco system and the quality of the oils. So Pure is Ammonia, sulphate and paraben free with no fragrances, no animal related materials, not tested on animals, 100% color safe, no aerosols and the packaging is 100% recyclable.



- Clay                                      - Wax                                      - Fibre Wax

- Glue                                     - De-frizz                                - Paste                      

- Gel                                       - Shape                                  - Refreshing Balm

- Salt Mousse                       - Fixing Spray                        - Prep Spray

- Sea Salt Spray                   - Refreshing Spray              - Gloss Spray

- Volume Powder

Blend is designed to compliment who you are as an individual allowing you to get creative with a complete styling range. Blend consists of 16 intermixable styling products to help prep, style and finish. Each product has a fruity fragrance and a hold and shine factor between 1 (low) and 10 (high).

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